About Us



Hello everyone and thank you for shopping with us! We are happy you found our page!

My name is Claudia, and my husband Braden Rivera and I started this small business in 2023.

We are a 2x girl mom and dad that live in Virginia. We both work for a family-owned business here in Richmond, VA, and love to travel and be outside with our families and friends.

When looking for gifts - I would always want to find little personal items that my family and friends would love and resonate with - that were unique and different. I could never find anything in stores that would ever fit with what I wanted and envisioned.

Throughout my life - I have found it extremely important to support small businesses. So usually for the gifts and products that I needed - I would always buy from small businesses around me. It astounded me how many people were so booked out for items because there are not that many small businesses around me. After some time, my husband and I wanted to learn more about certain items and how they are made.

So, we took the time to learn and make items that we found ourselves wanting to purchase for others.

Our pages have taken off with amazing support from our family and friends, and we are beyond excited to make and share our items with the world. Between making all natural soaps, candles; little gifts like key chains, jewelry, custom shirts, koozies, resin items, and more - we have a little bit of everything to ensure you find what you need for each and every event, birthday, holiday, and even just for everyday use.

Our collections such as our candles and soaps are carefully selected with our customers’ needs in mind. We use all natural products and are expanding our lines to make sure that everyone, even our smallest customers, can use our products.

Delivery options and payment methods are generous and flexible. Browse our product gallery and start selecting new favorites you won't find anywhere else. For questions, comments or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us.