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Breast milk Soap - All Natural

Breast milk Soap - All Natural

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We are SO excited to offer these customized Breast Milk Soap Bars!!!

Breast milk is so beneficial in so many ways - especially for our littlest of customers. With all the beneficial properties breast milk holds - we wanted to make sure that we offered this soap at the start of our business.

Breast milk contains enzymes and proteins that the body can utilize immediately. Using your own breast milk in a soap also means that the essential nutritional elements are much more bio-available. The natural compounds in breast milk can also be helpful in treating acne and rashes (source) and doctors sometimes even suggest using the antibacterial properties of breast milk to treat localized infections. Breast-milk even helps with eczema, sunburn, and more!

For local pickup - breast milk MUST be dropped off and picked up. We do NOT have breast milk on hand and this is only for the people who can produce and provide their own breast milk.

If you have any questions regarding shipping or anything else- please email BEFORE ordering.

The amount of breast milk needed is 8oz. This provides ROUGHLY 3-5 bars depending on the quality and type of breast milk. Each soap will be provided separately packaged, and MUST be refrigerated to preserve freshness - and quality. These soaps expiration dates are about 3-5 months after making. However they can last up to a year in the fridge depending on frequent usage, etc. Freshly pumped breast milk is HIGHLY recommended.

We customize this soap FOR YOU. Scents, colors, molds, exfoliates can be customized to your liking and is included in the pricing listed.

Once ordered - you will receive an email from us within 24-48 hours to personalize the soap bars and to get further instructions for shipping, drop off/pickup.

Please note SHIPPING TO US IS NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE! Only shipping OUT. Please email us to get information on how to properly ship breast milk.

TAT from the time invoice is paid, customization has been confirmed, and milk has been received to Rivera Shop and Boutique is 8-10 business days.

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